cheap car insurance

cheap car insurance



We often hear the question ” I am looking for the Cheapest Rate on my car insurance, can you help me? ” What I hope to achieve in this article is for insurance customers to understand the importance of auto insurance liability coverage. We will focus on what liability insurance coverage is and what type of insurance limits you need.  Everyone who owns a vehicle in Louisville and Kentucky are required by the state to maintain at least minimum liability coverage. So if you are at fault for an accident your auto insurance will pay for property damage and bodily injury in the other vehicle. There are many ways to obtain the cheapest car insurance and here are few tips! We can help you find the best cheap car insurance for your situation. Affordable car insurance that meets the state minimum car insurance requirements. The minimum Louisville Kentucky state auto insurance requirements are Bodily Injury 25,000 per person / 50,000 per occurrence and $25, for property damage liability.  It is important that you confirm this with your local independent insurance agent for the best cheap car insurance.


Many consumers seeking cheap car insurance coverage have this same question. What is Car Insurance Liability Coverage? If you are found negligent or liable for a car accident, then you are required to provide liability coverage that would compensate the other driver in the accident who was not at fault. If you are the at fault driver then your insurance company would pay out from the liability coverage to repair the other drivers car or compensation for injuries in the other vehicle.  Are cheap car insurance rates to good to be true?  We understand that you want to save money on car insurance rates in Louisville, but you also want to make sure that you have adequate insurance coverage in the event of an auto accident.  That is why we are focused on helping you understand your car insurance coverage options, discounts to help you save, and how to get the most affordable car insurance quote for what you need on the road.


cheap car insurance

cheap car insurance



We offer car insurance coverage protection for your peace of mind and meets the state minimum requirements for the best cheapest car insurance.  As a local independent insurance agent, we offer opportunities to lower your insurance rates with significant car insurance discounts.  We offer quality customer service every time for your peace of mind.


There are a number of easy ways you can save on car insurance both short and long term. Maintaining a clean driving record with no tickets and no accidents is one of the ways to obtain the best cheapest car insurance rates. In addition, purchase a vehicle with eligible safety features and anti-theft features in order to lower your auto insurance.  In addition  if you have more then one vehicle on your car insurance policy then you would be eligible for the multi-vehicle discount. Many of the great insurance companies we represent offer the Paid in Full discount. If you are able to pay the six month premium for the entire period at the time of purchase then you can obtain significant savings.  If you would like to learn more about the best cheapest car insurance rates contact us and let us review your current car insurance policy.

Discounts that help you Lower your Car Insurance for the cheapest car insurance

Bundle and Save. One way to get the cheapest car insurance is to bundle your home insurance, renters insurance with your car insurance company.  When you purchase a new vehicle find out about Safety features and anti-theft features that could save you more money!  Ask about Preferred Payment methods, in many cases if you agree to automatic deductions for a checking account you can obtain a lower rate for the cheapest car insurance.



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