Which home insurance company is the best?

Which home insurance company is the best

Which home insurance company is the best

Is all Louisville Home Insurance the Same?

When Louisville homeowners reach out to Dick Watts Insurance for a homeowners insurance quote, one idea that is constantly implied or said is that they need a cheap policy because all homeowners insurance policies are the same. While there are certainly common policy items from one company to the next, not all home insurance policies offered by all insurance companies are exactly the same. And how they handle a potential home insurance claim can be vastly different. Through the years, Independent Insurance Agents have often gotten the reputation for offering cheap homeowners insurance policies to Louisville and surrounding areas in Jefferson County KY  in an attempt to save money. We have seen a dramatic shift in the Louisville KY marketplace over the last few years as smaller insurance companies offering cheaper policies have had to make major insurance policy changes in policy coverage. Or the home insurance company has had to change the way they are paying home insurance claims. This is not beneficial to Louisville homeowners.

Which home insurance company is the best?

We work with many great home insurance companies in Louisville KY. We offer many different  Louisville home insurance policy types with great savings and home insurance discounts. The home insurance can be customized to meet the requirements of your home lender, mortgage banker, or mortgage broker in Louisville. We work with financially sound home insurance companies that have been rated by other financial companies.

Named Peril vs Open Peril vs Exclusion for the best home insurance

The first step in evaluating how a home insurance company operates in Louisville will center around what is covered by the homeowner’s insurance policy. The technical insurance term for this is Perils. On the most basic homeowners insurance policy offered there will be a list of Named Perils. The list will include things like Fire Hail Lightning and that type of coverage is called Named Peril. The covered losses are listed in the main policy. This means that if something happens to your home and it is not on the list, you do not have coverage. The next question is how do I get additional home insurance coverage?

Louisville Home Insurance

We offer a standard of coverage that can provide the best home insurance coverage for your situation to meet your budget and home loan requirements. We recommend working with “open peril” insurance companies and insurance policies which will cover everything except what is listed in the home insurance policy exclusions. The home insurance exclusions normally exclude insurance coverage for things like an earthquake, floods, mudslides, civil unrest, or intentional acts. Some home insurance policies will exclude frozen pipes and resulting water damage. Make sure that you work with  home insurance companies

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Which home insurance company is the best?

How home insurance claims become approved and paid

In the great state of Kentucky, most homeowners could experience a claim on their home insurance policy at some point due to our wind, hail, tornado, and other weather. Remember flood damage is not covered under any home insurance policy. The subject and importance of a home insurance claim could be something to consider if you are a Louisville homeowner. Since this is the case it is important to focus on how your potential claim will be approved and paid assuming that you have the necessary coverage on your home insurance policy. Ask your agent to review the coverages and exclusions on your home insurance policy. Is there a difference in that process from one company to the next?

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What Home Insurance company is the best in KY?

All insurance companies have in-house staff that will ultimately have a final say on a claim payment. The larger insurance companies have claims adjusters who will contact you to handle your home insurance claim. The bottom line for Louisville homeowners on this process is that if something is questionable a conversation around the coverage on an outsourced process is going to be more difficult.  The other piece of the equation is how will the insurance company pay the claim. If you have a claim for personal property and you have coverage for a covered loss the actual cash value will be paid first. When you replace the item then you submit your receipt to the insurance company for reimbursement of the replacement cost value of the item . Check with your agent, review your home insurance policy and determine if you have Actual Cash Value coverage where depreciation will be deducted or Replacement cost coverage on the home insurance.  All of these factors must be considered when settling a Louisville home insurance property claim.


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Which home insurance company is the best?

The financial Strength and Financial Rating of the home insurance company should be evaluated before buying a home insurance policy.  We can check with your mortgage lender or mortgage banker and determine what type of home insurance coverage is required to meet the loan requirements so that you have can have peace of mind and avoid any problems on the closing date of your home loan in Louisville. Ultimately Louisville homeowners pay their premiums to the insurance company so that they will pay to rebuild or repair the damage that is done to their home when the moment arrives. The insurance companies are required to have cash reserves in order to meet all claims payment requirements. Many insurance companies purchase reinsurance to cover catastrophe claims.  This concept of reinsurance keeps insurance companies solvent. Basically, the insurance company purchases catastrophe insurance coverage.

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What can Louisville homeowners do to protect their most valuable asset with the right amount of insurance coverage? Rely on Dick Watts Insurance in Louisville to insure your most valuable asset. We will be glad to review your current home insurance policy at no cost to review the right insurance coverage for your financial situation. When it is all said and done, no one enjoys paying the home insurance premium on their Louisville Home Insurance policy but it is easier if you know the coverages available on your Kentucky home insurance policy.  We can set up a quick meeting over the phone and review your current home insurance policy.

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