What kind of insurance does a landscaping company need?

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When shopping for lawn care insurance, assess your business risks, find an agent with industry experience, prioritize coverage quality over cost, and read the policy’s fine print.

Lawn and landscaping insurance is a group of insurance policies that protect your business. The most common lawn care business insurance policy is general liability, which pays for property damage and bodily injury if you are found legally liable for an accident or occurrence.  Most Lawn Care and landscaping businesses need commercial auto insurance and property insurance to cover equipment and lawn mowers or trailers.  The Commercial Insurance coverage that you need and the cost depends on many factors including the size of your business, annual receipts, the number of employees and subcontractors and the type of work that you perform in your business.

Many landscaping companies should consider purchasing a business owners policy (BOP) which combines general liability insurance and commercial property insurance into one package.


Landscaping insurance is designed for businesses that maintain both commercial and residential lawns or install shrubs, plants, trees, sod and grass. Some companies may also provide landscape planning services or build lawn features like walkways, decks, ponds and retaining walls. Lawn care business insurance may be required to obtain city permits or work with public entities or commercial accounts. The different types of businesses that need landscape insurance include:

  • Lawn care services and maintenance: Mowing weeding, and general gardening services to maintain already completed landscapes.
  • Tree Pruning and Tree removal: Dusting spraying trimming branch and stump removal.
  • Hardscape design and implementation:  Landscapes with rocks, boulders, and other non plant concepts, ponds and waterfalls.


What kind of insurance does a landscaping company need? Typical lawn care insurance costs are based on these factors:

  1. Location: Your city and state location can determine the cost of all insurance premiums. For example if you are located in Louisville, Lexington, or Bowling Green Kentucky your insurance costs may vary.
  2. Payroll:  Workers compensation coverage is directly correlated wit your total annual payroll costs.
  3. Revenue Receipts: Insurance companies may use annual receipts and gross revenue to determine the exposure for liability insurance purposes.
  4. Landscape Work Performed and Type: Some landscapers and lawn care services may be a higher exposure depending on the type of work performed.
  5.  Losses or Claims in the past: Prior claims history can determine the cost of your insurance.
  6. Experience: The total number of years of experience in the business can impact insurance rates.

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Lawn Care and Landscaping Insurance frequently asked questions:

Use an Insurance Agent or Insurance broker who knows the landscaping business. Landscaping insurance is industry specific which means it is a specialty insurance. Make sure your insurance agent or broker takes the time to understand your business and insurance requirements.  Every landscaping business, whether it is a sole proprietor lawn service or an LLC or corporation, should have General Liability Insurance or business insurance to protect the company. Even if you do not have a building to protect purchasing Insurance protects the value of your company


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