How Bundling Auto and Home Insurance can you save money!

If you are on the hunt for auto and homeowners insurance, purchasing your insurance from the same insurance company can be easy and convenient and save you money on your insurance premiums. Here’s how “bundling” insurance policies works, plus how to decide if its the right move for you

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  • How Bundling your Home and Auto Insurance Can Save you Money
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  • What to Know Before Bundling your Home and Auto Insurance in Louisville KY
  • Ready to Bundle your Car and Home Insurance ?
    Bundle Home and Car Insurance

    Bundle Home and Car Insurance


    Like any industry, insurance agencies want to secure as much of your home and car insurance as possible. Many Insurance companies in Louisville offer a discount if you purchase multiple insurance policies including home insurance, car insurance, renters insurance and motorcycle insurance.  The most common and money saving insurance combination  is auto and homeowners insurance. According to recent Insurance studies, the average insurance consumer saves 16.1%  on their insurance premiums when bundling these two insurance products. Many insurance companies provide a  discount when you bundles renters insurance, condo insurance, motorcycle, or boat insurance.

Specific home and car insurance discounts vary based on your location and specific situation. Shop around before you make a specific selection

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Pros of Bundling Your Home and Car Insurance in Louisville:

  • Save money on insurance premiums. The biggest benefit is the fact you could save up to 15 to 20% on home and car insurance with a bundle or multi-policy insurance discount.
  • Streamline your insurance bills with just one insurance company.
  • Lower Your Insurance deductible when you bundle the home and car insurance.

What to Know Before Bundling your Home and Car Insurance Policies:

Bundling can be a great way to save money on your insurance, especially if you need coverage for both your home and cars.  Before making a decision compare the total price of the two least expensive home and car insurance policies. Make sure you are comparing policies that  provide similar levels of car insurance and homeowners insurance . While a certain insurance bundle may seem like a great deal, its coverage may not be as good as other comparable insurance policies.  If you would like to see how much money you can save by bundling your home and car insurance  compare insurance rates with many insurance companies.


Insurance Services to bundle your home and auto insurance

We will work to bundle your home and car insurance to obtain all available discounts including the multiple- policy discounts.  If you place your home and car insurance with the same insurance company you could save 15-20% on your homeowners insurance. We serve Louisvillle, KY,  Oldham County, Shelby County, Jefferson County and Bullitt County.   One way to lower your home and car insurance premiums is with a good credit score.  The higher your credit score the lower your homeowners and car insurance premiums.  We do offer other insurance discounts including paid in full, Electronic Funds Transfer discount, and mutli-vehicle discounts.


Auto Insurance Trick to Lower your car insurance premium

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