Amazon Relay Insurance Requirements Trucking Insurance

Amazon Relay Trucking Insurance

Amazon Relay Trucking Insurance Requirements for Owner & Operator Truckers does progressive cargo insurance cover amazon relay drivers

Amazon Relay makes it easy for trucking companies and owner operators to find, book and transport loads for Amazon. The suite of tools allows you to access the Relay  Load Board, accept loads, assign drivers to loads, track performance and view payment information The Relay app helps drivers view and manage their loads, report delays and use navigation tools.

All Relay Partners must use Amazon Relay products when hauling loads for the company. This is just one of many requirements carriers and owners operators have to meet to start hauling loads for Amazon.

If you are thinking of becoming an Amazon owner or operator or Relay Carrier, it is important to understand the requirements and the type of commercial trucking insurance that you will need for  the following

  • CDL Class A Over the Road Truck Jobs
  • Drivers looking for Jobs
  • Hotshot Trucking
  • Owner Operators

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How to Become a Carrier for Amazon Relay

Amazon Relay Insurance

Amazon Relay Trucking Insurance

If you want to get involved  with freight  hauling and trucking contracts with Amazon you will need to meet several Commercial Trucking Insurance including the following:

  • An Active DOT Number and interstate Authority
  • A Valid MC Number
  • A Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Safety rating of “not rated” “None” or “Satisfactory”
  • Carrier status that is Authorized for Property and for Hire
  • Adequate Insurance Coverage see below- Trucking Insurance

Amazon will make sure that you are in compliance with these rules. They use third party compliance monitoring and they have their own compliance teams.

Additionally Amazon also requires carrier to perform at the highest level of Safety and efficiency. This means the folliwng.

    • Complying with DOT Safety and Insurance Requirements
  • Making deliveries promptly and on time as scheduled
  • Ensuring that all deliveries are made using Amazon Relay technology

Amazon provides more detailed information about performance expectations in their Carrier Terms of Service during the onboard process.

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How Long Does it Take to Start Hauling Loads?

After receiving your application, Amazon will give you a decision within 2-4 business days. Delays are usually due to insurance validation issues. Once you get approved you can start booking loads from the Load board right of way The load board makes it easy to find loads that meet your specifications. Instant bookings get you right back on the road.

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Amazon Prime Truck Driver Insurance Requirements

Trucking companies that want to join the Amazon Relay program have to meet several trucking insurance companies. Adequate insurance is one of the main requirements forAmazon Prime owner operators. If you don’t have enough insurance and the right type of coverage your application will be denied. Amazon Insurance requirements are similar to other businesses that offer on demand transportation services, like truckers and over the road truckers and hotshots.  The company’s basic insurance requirements for Relay Partners include

General Liability Insurance

A general liability insurance policy will cover bodily injury and property damage caused by your products or services. Amazon requires the following minimum for general liability coverage

  • $2 Million CGL Aggregate
  • $1 Million Per Occurrence

Commercial Auto Insurance

If you are using a truck or van for commercial purposes, the you must have commercial auto insurance in Louisville KY. This covers damages or injuries caused by accidents if you are legally liable as a result of operating a motor vehicle. Insurers offer a wide range of coverage options for these policies but Amazon requires the following:

  • $1 million liability per occurrence

Cargo Liability Insurance-

A cargo liability policy protects carriers again liability for damage or loss of goods while in transit: Amazon requires the following for Cargo Liability Insurance

  • A minimum of $100,000 in coverage.

Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage

Amazon Requires Amazon Relay Partners to have workers compensation coverage in all locations.

What are the benefits of the Amazon Relay Trucking program?

There are many advantages to joining Amazon Relay

  1. Quick and Easy access to loads. Amazon is the biggest retailer in the world. There is no shortage of loads to be delivered. As an Amazon partner you will enjoy growth potential. You will have access to thousands of full truck loads.  Loads are easy to find and accept using their load board. Listings include pricing and can be booked instantly.
  2. No hoops to jump through to get paid.  When you partner with Amazon you will not have problems getting paid.
  3. Use of Advance Technology and Short Term Contracts.
  4. Intuitive Apps for Truck Drivers and owner operators

How to Get Insurance Coverage you need for Amazon Relay Loads- Trucking Insurance

If you want to haul loads for Amazon Relay, you must have the right trucking insurance coverage before you apply. An experienced and qualified insurance

agent can help ensure that your insurance meets all of Amazon’s Trucking Insurance requirements A Trucking Insurance Agent can help you find the coverage options that you may need.

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